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Four Corners: "Combustible: The dangerous legacy of failed regulation in the building industry."

"You shouldn't have a combustible product on the outside of a building of this type, so how has this been allowed to happen?" - Fire officer

"You can't tell me that if this product, by all reports, has been used widely in the industry for 10 to 30 years, that major suppliers ... didn't know where this product was going to end up." - Fire officer

"There's people out there that would have absolutely no idea what they're doing and they're installing it incorrectly, and they're the people we compete against every day." - Builder

"Everyone has someone else to point the finger at. The product of deregulation and self accreditation, this process of abrogation of responsibility is that no one is responsible." - Federal politician


ABC Four Corners: "Combustible: The dangerous legacy of failed regulation in the building industry."


DOMAIN: "Cladding is the asbestos of 2017’: experts fear apartment cladding crisis"

'For every 10 apartment blocks in Australia with aluminium cladding, around eight face the risk that they’re covered in the highly combustible materials that caused the Grenfell fire in London'

.... “We should be very concerned,” said Chris Duggan, president of Strata Community Australia NSW. “We typically have a close working relationship with this government, but they’ve had a tepid response to this major issue."

“There’s been a lack of leadership from the government. We would like them to come up with a 10-point plan of what’s going to be done, but without that leadership, and information about what’s a very complex issue, a lot of people will go their own way.

“Making buildings safe will cost tens of millions of dollars. There’s a chain of responsibility and at the moment, owners are at the bottom of the pile.”


DOMAIN: "Cladding is the asbestos of 2017’: experts fear apartment cladding crisis"


"kids don't fly" - window safety locks to be installed by 13th March 2018.

An increasing number of children have been admitted into hospital as a result from falling from windows. In response, the NSW government launched the “kids don’t fly campaign” and a change in legislation requiring window safety locks to be installed by 13th March 2018.


Residents will still be able to open their windows but will have the security of knowing that children will be safe when the window is open. Speak to your strata team to ensure your building is compliant.





image source: Sydney Children's Hospital - "Kids Don't Fly"



bright & duggan strata committee education forum on the new NSW strata legislation

Bright & Duggan recently held an strata committee education forum to explore what the new NSW strata legislation will mean to owners.



Fact sheets on the new NSW strata legislation

Bright & Duggan is providing Fact Sheets on the new NSW strata legislation showing how the changes may impact on the committee, owners and tenants.


New fact sheets are released as they become available.


Click here for the Bright & Duggan 2016 Strata Reforms Fact Sheets



great strata management

starts with great customer service


At Bright & Duggan we place you, the customer, first and foremost in everything we do.


It’s the principle around which the company was first built back in 1977.


And this unchanged customer-first approach has gained us the enviable position of market leader and employer of choice in our industry.


Excellence in customer service forms the basis for our hiring policy. And it’s how our staff members earn their bonuses each year.


So it should come as no surprise that we are the only strata management company in Australia to have been certified by the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).



Supporting your property


Your property is your most import asset. And at Bright & Duggan we treat it as such.


We also know you've got a busy lifestyle and that all you want is a simple, hassle-free strata solution that gives you peace-of-mind knowing that all your living essentials are being taken care of quickly and efficiently.


We pride ourselves on the way we look after each and every one of our over 1,000 strata schemes that we manage across four regions of Sydney;


  • North Shore - via our Crows Nest office
  • Sutherland Shire - via our Cronulla office
  • Northern Beaches - via our Dee Why office
  • Eastern Suburbs - via our Rose Bay office
  • Western Suburbs - via our Sydney Olympic Park office


So whether your strata scheme is large or small, we'd love to help you devise a Strata Management solution that works for you. We currently manage properties with strata schemes as small as just 2 lots right up to grand estates comprising over 1,600 lots.


At Bright & Duggan, we really are passionate about being the best at what we do. We've spent over 39 years developing and customising strata management products and services to meet your needs.


With over 75 professional strata managers focused on giving our customers the very best advice and service, you can be confident of the important things:


  • You'll be listened to. 
  • Your questions get answered. 
  • And your needs will be met


thinking of changing strata managers

At Bright & duggan We have made the process of changing strata managers really easy. our team of professional strata managers are dedicated to providing you with the best service so you can be sure your property is in good hands. 

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Your property is your most important asset. At Bright & Duggan Strata Management we treat it as such.