Community Living

In this together

As the reality of isolation settles into strata living, our management teams and strata communities are turning their minds to develop solutions to support residents with the real and emerging issues that COVID-19 and mandatory isolation have presented.

This update covers those pressing issues and how the Bright & Duggan is supporting you. Like the broader strata community, we’re learning how to support each other- just remember we’re all in this together.

Keeping connected

During this prolonged period of uncertainty, it is our collective responsibility to look out for our neighbours, particularly the elderly, vulnerable and those in need of help or company. We all have a role to play. During times of social separation, we need to isolate ourselves from our normal support networks and connect in different ways. A great way to keep in contact with your neighbours during these times is to create groups via online platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook to keep connected. When setting up an online group, it’s important to be clear about the purposes of the group and set ground rules.

1. Set privacy settings to ensure your group remains private.
2. The tone, which is to be kind and supportive, understanding and be practical.
3. Boundaries and expectations on how people engage and behave.

Below are platform options and set-up guides.

How to set up a WhatsApp Group
How to set up a Skype Group using a mobile app
How to set up a Facebook messenger group

These are unsettling times. Being there for each other is important. Using technology to do so may seem different and new, but the basic rules of community haven’t changed. Concern, kindness and responsibility to others are the building blocks of any community.

We suggest these groups are established to maintain social connection and support for your communities. Strata and building management related matters should be directed as normal to your strata committee or strata manager.

Online meeting etiquette

Business as un-usual. That’s the challenge we are facing and it requires us to look at alternatives to operate as close to normal as possible. Meetings of the owners corporation provide owners with the opportunity to discuss, contribute and participate in the decision-making process concerning all facets of common property within the strata scheme. With the current change in circumstances surrounding how we hold meetings, we recommend the following meeting protocols to encourage efficient and effective discussions:

1. The meeting request

You will need to ‘accept’ this meeting so that you can ‘join’ the meeting at the scheduled time. If you decline the meeting the strata manager will know that you will not be attendance.  Note that this will only go to owners who have provided the Group with an email address.

2. Be prompt

Allow sufficient time to register your attendance.  The meeting will commence at the scheduled time and your assistance to being on time will assist greatly.


3. Turn mobile phones and any other electronic devices to silent. 


4. For a skype meeting, attendees need to be mindful that only one person can speak at a time. If you are not required to speak please mute your microphone.  All attendees will be given the opportunity to speak.  


5. Be respectful and treat people as you would face to face.  Be patient with participants and allow some grace to any miscommunications.  

6. Disruptive persons will not be tolerated. If a person begins to be disruptive the meeting organiser will ‘mute’ all in attendance. If this behaviour continues, the meeting will need to be adjourned. 

Webinars and resources

Our team has been very busy creating and compiling resources to support owners and residents. A series of topical webinars (nine to date) have being recorded featuring our Managing Director, Chris Duggan and posted to the Strata Community Association (NSW) website. Check out some great content and FAQ’s addressing owner and strata questions here.


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