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developer consulting service for strata schemes

bright & duggan offers a range of services to developers from set-up through to completion of the development. We have on-going relationships with a number of developers and at bright & duggan we know from experience what is needed to get a building ready for management.


our industry support

bright & duggan held a developer building defect bond review in February 2018 that was well attended by developers, builders and consultants.  The aim of the review was to provide a better understanding of the introduction of the building bond and inspection scheme, and discuss the significant impact it has made on developers. Presenters at the seminar included: Colin Grace of Grace Lawyers for a legal perspective, George Zakos of GLZA Construction Consultants from a building inspector view point and Phillip Court of Bright & Duggan for the practical impact and strata approach.


Presenter:  Chris Duggan


Presenter:  Colin Grace


Presenter:  George Zakos


Presenter:  Phil Court


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experience you can trust

Established in 1977, bright & duggan has grown to be one of the largest privately owned specialist strata and community management companies in Australia.  We now have 35,000 units across 1,130 community and strata plans under management and extensive experience in the establishment of some of the largest and most complex strata and community schemes in Australia.  We have established and managed plans and estates developed by Mirvac, Lend Lease, Payce, Stockland, Toga, Australand, Sekisui House, Multiplex and many other pre-eminent Australian developers. 


Our unique departmental structure and cutting edge proprietary technology divests our strata managers of administrative and clerical functions leaving them free to deal proactively with owners and strata committee members.  Our specialist in-house departments manage the various other complex areas impacting on strata schemes such as lifts, WH&S, fire, insurance, building consultancy and levy recovery.


expert advice

bright & duggan’s senior staff will add genuine value to your project from the concept stage through to design development and the establishment and registration of the strata and community plans ensuring a successful project with a clean handover to the owners corporation on completion.


budgeting and by-laws

By drawing from our experience on comparable developments, we can present you with genuine and robust draft budgets for your strata development. Tailored by-laws can also be prepared and reviewed to suit your specific requirements. 


community management

Our specialist community managers have worked on some of the largest community developments in Australia.  Be it understanding and managing the complexities of multiple strata schemes and overlapping titling structures, right through to the legal expertise associated with the establishment of staged developments, the team will work closely with you to ensure successful long-term delivery of your project.


building management committees and commercial management

bright & duggan is regarded as an expert in the field of building management committees (BMC’s) and commercial strata. We provide reviews and advice on building management statements and/or strata management statements and advice on complex titling covering shared facilities.

We have several specialist BMC managers on staff whose immense experience can help you navigate your way around the complexities encompassing committees with many stratum members and varied shared services/facilities.


guaranteed 48-72 hour issue of s184 certificates

When you’re developing, the last thing you need are more hold-ups. We guarantee 48 - 72 hour issue of s184 certificates and have established systems for a speedy and smooth handover from the developer to the owners.  Our experience has provided us with the know how to make your project successful while at the same time promoting a sense of ownership and fostering a long-term partnership with the community. 


developer consulting

If you have a development that would benefit from our strata management services then give us a call on 02 9902 7100 or click here for an obligation free quote.

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