Our Business Model

Our business model


Experience. Expertise. Empathy. The foundations of our business.

We've been in the business for over 36 years — observing, learning and changing. Our business model has evolved as we have grown. Here's why.


Our business

We are one of the oldest and most respected strata management companies in Australia. Our business has been built on the accumulated experience of our people. Our employees.

Our knowledge and learning over the years enabled us to architect a new and unique way to operate. We've divided our business into three distinct layers. Management, strata managers and specialist personnel.


Our management team are not limited to, or distracted by managing a portfolio. They are focused on the specific task of managing the company. The result — a tightly run, highly disciplined, team approach.

We've organised our strata managers in such a way that they are dedicated to their chosen fields of expertise. They each manage a lower number of buildings and have a higher number of support staff than is standard in our industry.
Underpinning all of this are our specialist personnel. They are able to design and implement custom made solutions that meet the needs of the complex legal and financial challenges our customers are faced with.


Our systems

Technology is critical to our everyday business. We're completely focused on the needs of our customers and the ever changing world they live in. So investing time, care and expertise into developing market leading systems and software is always a high priority. Being able to track, manage and respond to our customers quickly and accurately is all part of our service offering.


Our people

It's all about people. Our employees. Our customers. Bright & Duggan is dedicated to recognising and understanding the needs of our customers. We are approachable and professional.

Our corporate culture is centered on continual innovation and improvement. Employees are empowered and encouraged to be change leaders; being free to suggest and make changes to business processes in order to improve our services.

This empowerment and freedom is a motivator, giving them a sense of pride in their workmanship; building self-esteem, loyalty and tenure. This is reflected in our customer centric and professional service delivery.